Below you will see a short collection of links to blogs which focus on osteitis pubis – the list will undoubtedly grow!

Running with osteitis pubis – The blog was written by a Laurence Dalton, runner from Australia and only has one post where he shares the story of overcoming osteitis pubis.

Mataruga  Blog about hiking and running where Dusan Mataruga shares his journey from being diagnosed with osteitis pubis through rehabilitation and some setbacks all the way back to running, well worth a read.

Phil Smith writes about ultra and trail running and a couple of posts focus on osteitis pubis – including some background, diagnosis and rehab process.

Andrew’s Running blog An ultrarunner shares his story of osteitis pubis diagnosis and some tips for coming back stronger as a runner.

Riddle Runs A blog by David Riddle, an elite ultrarunner, where he talks about his long-term groin injury and the experience of returning to high-level ultrarunning following an osteitis pubis diagnosis.

Interview with Anna Jepson, marathon runner who talks about her passion for long-distance running and her experience of osteitis pubis.

My romance with writing Amanda shares her experiences of pelvic injuries, including osteitis pubis and how she is managing these as a runner.

Rebecca on the Run talks about getting diagnosed with osteitis pubis whilst training for her first marathon.